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    Janitors' mopping trolley with twist mop

    Shop Now only227,50 €

    Disposable heat retaining blanket

    Shop Now only0,95 €

    Large workplace kit standard

    Shop Now only41,32 €

    120L wheeled bin spill kit

    Shop Now from 254,39 €

    Safety stackable barriers

    Shop Now only129,00 €

    Industrial chairs, height adjustment 552-800mm

    Shop Now only189,29 €

    Wet floor signs

    Shop Now from 16,74 €

    Folding plastic platform truck, capacity 120kg

    Shop Now only173,75 €

    Filled sandbags

    Shop Now only280,69 €

    Submersible dirty water pump

    Shop Now only104,33 €

    Heavy duty vacuum cleaner with pump

    Shop Now only1.646,25 €

    Flood barrier

    Shop Now from 579,69 €

    Air dryer and blower

    Shop Now from 145,60 €

    Single mop trolley

    Shop Now only51,33 €

    Dehumidifier- 20 Litre per day

    Shop Now only300,59 €

    Folding aluminium handtruck, capacity 200kg

    Shop Now only186,25 €

    Folding platform trolleys, capacity 300kg

    Shop Now only98,75 €

    Heavy duty coloured dustbins

    Shop Now from 50,45 €

    4 wheeled bin with lockable lid - 1100L

    Shop Now from 560,00 €

    Large bullet bin

    Shop Now only13,74 €